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My husband, Dave and I first met Thomas through Focus on Mexico when we came over from Scotland to do their programme in August 2013. Thomas gave up a huge amount of his valuable time showing us around homes for sale in the area – both as a group and then individually as he came to understand each person’s potential requirements better. It’s important to say that none of our group was in a position to buy at that time.Read More
David & Barbara Naisby
I am afraid it is not often a person has an opportunity to express his pleasure with what someone has done for them.  We are so very pleased with Thomas Hellyer’s handling of our house sale. Thomas was very professional in helping us with the sale. He is honest and responsive to our requests and questions. We highly recommend that anyone seeking to buy or sell a house,  to contact Thomas.  He did a great job.Rob & Bobbi Wignall
Ron & Bobbi Wignall
In October 2013 we spent a week through Focus on Mexico to learn about the process of immigrating to the Lake Chapala area of Mexico. We had been assigned to our mentor, Catherine Gonzales, who connected us with her Ajijic realtor, Thomas Hellyer. In that my husband John and I were committed to making the move the next spring, we spent an afternoon looking at various real estate to see what might fit into our budget and our desires.Read More
John & Barbara Baker
In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with dementia.  In 2012 his neurologist told us we needed to make future plans for long term.  I looked into resources near where we lived in Oregon and we determined it was necessary to search the world for a place with "good" weather where we could live comfortably and affordable long-term care would be available if and when it might be needed.
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Julie Hughes
Undoubtedly, most of us have bought and sold real estate north of the border. Truism… a little knowledge is a dangerous thing… and practices and procedures are indeed different here in our adopted country.  You, me…. can have no better friend when purchasing property in Mexico than Thomas Hellyer.
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Jeane Treloar
Thomas is more than just an excellent realtor. Not only is he the best agent we have ever worked with, he and his wonderful family have become our very good friends.He readily shares his knowledge and experience of the Lake Chapala area and we really appreciate his friendly, honest and keen-to-help nature.
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Scott & Paula Young
From the first meeting, we felt like Thomas was more a friend than a business associate.  He listened to what our needs were, and for over a year til we actually moved to Mexico, he checked out homes for us via our on-line requests, gave us advice on relocating, etc. and answered our endless questions, never once sounding exasperated and all with no guarantee of an actual sale.
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Colin & Joan Wright
Recently we had the opportunity to work with your company in the purchase of our home in La Reserva and we feel compelled to comment on the outstanding service and care we received.First let us say that we have had a two year on-going relationship with Thomas Hellyer.
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Fred & Donna Farrell
We have had many occasions to work closely with Thomas.  Recently we worked with him on the Marie Nowacki property that he sold in Chula Vista. We wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with him.  He is very professional and pleasant.
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Cathleen Countryman
Clone him!  One Thomas isn’t enough. 
Colin & Joan Wright
Thomas Hellyer was our buyer agent when we purchased our home at Los Arroyos Sur in December 2013.Our house-buying experience was wonderful, because of Thomas.  He patiently showed us numerous homes that fit our wants and needs, answered all our questions thoroughly and calmly guided us through the complicated process of buying a home in Mexico.
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