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Grading & Drainage

Do you have questions about controlling the flow of water in and around your property? Here is some great information on the grading and drainage for your home.

You can download the pdf article here Grading and drainage or read below.

Grading and drainage in Lake Chapala real estate by J. Brad Grieve

The Mexican House

There have been times when I step into a house and immediately know there is a problem. Other than the obvious puddle of water on the floor, the smell of humidity and efflorescence on the walls – all of which has happened in the last month – there are other subtle signs of how a house will perform during the rainy season even before the rains begin to fall.

Yes, the elevation of the house and how the surrounding gardens and street are graded can affect the quality of your home.
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The Cúpula

The beautiful cúpulas that you see incorporated into the Mexican architecture add to the charm, but did you know they serve a purpose as well?

Check out this article by J. Brad Grieve

You can download the pdf article here The Cúpula or read below:

The Cúpula: Spain’s gift to Mexico’s colonial architecture by J. Brad Grieve

Home Construction & Maintenance in Mexico

Other than a great view of the lake or mountains, there is nothing that takes a new homebuyer’s breath away like the interior of a brick dome. Traditional Mexican residential architecture is variable in style however, in the colonial range, a brick dome or cúpula can be very attractive. And a maintenance problem.
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