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CHS house cleanHow To’s

Here are some helpful tools for living in Mexico.  Please share if you find them useful!  And let us know if there is something you need that we don’t have here.

CHS house cleanBusiness

Manufacturing, finance and big business are heading to Mexico.

CHS house cleanConstruction & Building

Various articles on bricks, cupolas and more

CHS house cleanCulture, History & Festivals

Mexico has a varied and colorful culture.  Know more about the history and festivals that everyone enjoys.

CHS house cleanFood, Spirits & Gardening

Recipes! Tequila! Flowers!  All the best of Mexico.

CHS house cleanPeople & Politics

Fascinating people and interesting policies that shape Mexico into what it is today.

CHS house cleanReal Estate

Coming soon! Audio series on the entire process.  Stay tuned!

CHS house cleanRetirement Lakeside

From events, where to go and who’s who. Stay informed and up-to-date.

CHS house cleanTravel and Tourism in Mexico

If you are an explorer and Mexico is your destination, then click here.