Guides to Mexican Labor Law

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When researching Mexican Labor Law, I came across these English guides.  They are very helpful PDFs on the various aspects of Mexican Labor Law, which is complicated and confusing at times.

They were downloaded from the website of The North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation, published by the Commission for Labor Cooperation among Canada, USA and Mexico.  I was not able to find an issue date, so cannot confirm their accuracy.

You can visit their website here, and/or download the PDFs below:

Foreign Workers Guide to Labor and Employment Laws in Mexico
Guide to Child Labor Laws in Mexico
Guide to Disability and Health Care in Mexico
Guide to Employment Discrimination Laws in Mexico
Guide to Labor Relations Law in Mexico
Guide to Minimim Employment Standards Pay Deductions and Severance Pay for Unjustified Firing in Mexico
Guide to On The Job Injuries in Mexico
Guide to On The Job Safety and Health in Mexico
Guide to Pesticide Safety in Mexico
Guide to Prohibiting Forced Labor in Mexico
Guide to Resolving Labor Disputes in Mexico
Guide to Social Security and Retirement in Mexico
Womens Guide to Work and Pregnancy in Mexico

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Disclaimer: The legal content in these Guides are meant for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice. For legal advice, you should contact a lawyer with appropriate expertise.