Sharon Greenspan

Thomas is the nicest person; kind and considerate, upbeat, fun, easy to be around; and easy to communicate with. Such a quality individual. Thomas, being from the States speaks fluent English and Spanish. He will learn your price point and go after exactly what you want. He was attentive to my needs. Thomas showed me a variety of homes in all the nearby villages. Having lived in Mexico for many years, Thomas understands all of the legalities of buying in Mexico, and he has a great team and lawyers at the ready. He is so knowledgeable and can answer any of your questions. Thomas offers quality service and is extremely thorough with the entire process and looks out for the customers needs. There is never any pressure on Thomas’s part. We emailed for six years before I finally came to Ajijic for a look see. He likes to make sure you are choosing the right place for yourself. Also, I had been researching other countries before deciding on Ajijic.
Being new to Ajijic I have received some great referrals from Thomas for different services which have been extremely helpful for my transition to Mexico.
Thomas’s input helped me with some difficult decisions that made everything so much easier. And I felt good about my original plans and ideas for the kind of home I wanted. I love my new home and I was amazed by how beautiful it is, the low maintenance, and the location is perfect. I am right in the thick of things in the village of Ajijic. Great for meeting and socializing with lots of new friends.